Umoona is an original opal mine on Coober Pedy’s main street and has been converted into the town’s largest single underground tourist attraction - a “must see” in Coober Pedy

The tour and information on the opal fields is great. The gem shop was very nice. The tour of the under ground mine was a place to see

Such an interesting and fascinating place to find out how people in Cober Pedy live underground ad how Opal is mined. Definitely worth a visit!

First you watch a movie about Coober Pedy & surrounding areas, then you’re guided down fairly steep passages & enter an underground apartment with kitchen & bathroom where a caretaker used to live.

Sybel gave us a great tour- even the kids were engrossed. Very interesting and good value for money. One of the best I’ve done

Excellent short film followed by opal cutting demonstration and then tour of mine and underground home. The shop has a variety of jewellery across a varied price range. The staff extremely helpful in trying to match a pair of opal earrings to that of an opal necklace bought in 2001. They succeeded much to my delight.

I went in just expecting to go into a shop and an hour later I was still looking around the fantastic exhibits. Be it Aboriginal culture, or the history of Opal-the Dog proof fence-the Umoona Museum has it all.